Naruto vs Sasuke v2

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Both Naruto and Sasuke have grown and their eventual clash getting closer and closer. This is a update to my original post about Naruto versus Sasuke.

Stage 1 (normal)
-Kage bushin
-Summoning justu

Stage 2 (Sage Mode)
-Physical enhancement
-Chakra sensing
-Replenishable nature energy
-Rasengan variations
-Long range Rasenshuriken

Stage 3 (Kyuubi Cloak)
-Negative emotion and intent sensing
-Enormous chakra pool
-Chakra cloak physical enhancement
-Chakra cloak manipulation
-Body Flicker Jutsu
-Rasengan variations
-Rasenshuriken manipulation
-Tailed Beast Bomb

Stage 3a (Full Tailed Beast Form)?
-Naruto is befriending Kurama, so this form is imminent
-Tailed Beast body
-Tailed Beast Bomb manipulation and spamming
-Partial transformation (utilize tails)

Stage 3b (Hybrid Sage/Kyuubi)?
-Naruto has transcended to this stage once before against Nagato
-Extremely strong resistance (shown to disrupt Rinnegan's power)
-Fuse of Sage and Kyuubi abilities

Stage 1 (normal)
-Genius intellect
-Intense taijutsu training
-Kenjutsu (sword proficiency)
-Summoning jutsu (animals & weapons)
-Katon-jutsu variations
-Lightning manipulation

Stage 2 (Orochimaru) expired
-Inherited jutsu (regeneration)
-Curse seal lvl 1 (chakra boost, physical enhancement)
-Curse seal lvl 2 (additional chakra boost, physical enhancement/transformation)
-Partial transformation

Stage 3.1 (Sharingan)
-Amazing reflex/perception
-Jutsu copying/analysis
-Chakra sensing (solely visual)

Stage 3.2 (Mangekyo Sharingan)
-Black flame manipulation

Stage 3.3 (Eternal Mangekyo)
-Night vision
-Eternal Susano'o and Amaterasu spamming
-Awakening of new abilities?

Stage 1 Sasuke should beat Stage 1 Naruto.
-Naruto's trump card is Rasengan and Sasuke easily cancels that out with Chidori
-Only reason Naruto won't lose immediately is because he has massive chakra reserve so he can keep spamming clones and the same jutsus over and over again
-Sasuke has a lot of skills but limited in chakra

Stage 3.1 Sasuke hands down annihilates Stage 1 Naruto.
-Sasuke's weakness in the previous matchup is addressed with Sharingan, which conserves chakra and give him new abilities and enhancements

Stage 2 Naruto will have a good fight with Stage 3.1 Sasuke.
-Both have amazing chakra sensing, peak physical prowess, and plethora of jutsus
-Sasuke conserves chakra with Sharingan, while Sage Naruto uses natural energy
-Frog kata is a match for Sasuke's taijutsu and kenjutsu
-Rasengan variations can match lightning manipulations
-Rasenshuriken and Kirin both are aces

Stage 3 Naruto annihilates Stage 3.1 Sasuke.
-Too much boost in power, speed, and abilities

Stage 3.2 Sasuke can match up to Stage 3 Naruto but Sasuke will eventually lose.
-Naruto's speed can be great for offense and defense, though not as much Sasuke's Susano'o
-Naruto has enough abilities to counter everything Sasuke throws at him
-Naruto's ace is tailed beast bomb, while Sasuke has Amaterasu and Susano'o
-Naruto just need to outlast Sasuke because Sasuke has smaller chakra reserve and Mangekyo deteriorates his eyesight

Stage 3.3 Sasuke is superior to Stage 3 Naruto.
-Naruto can hold out against Sasuke, but Sasuke will quickly have all his abilities figured out and use his skill to beat Naruto before his chakra runs out
-Naruto's likely counter would be Stage 3a or Stage 3b...both are only speculatory

Looks like Kishimoto set it up nicely so that it will be a good fight. =]

Who do you think will win?

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Bleach 403-405 Karakura Heroes

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As expected, Aizen merged from the smoke unharmed. It also seems he has completed his transformation: the whole body of Aizen is covered by a white Hougyoku armor. Aizen instantly shunpos in between Urahara and Isshin and says Urahara's powerful attack combo was not enough to defeat his new Hougyoku conquered self. Aizen proceeds to rip out the reiatsu seals from his wrists and mocks Urahara's attempt. Both Urahara and Isshin rush at Aizen but Aizen displays a surprisingly dextrous combination of movement that repels both attackers with ease. However, Urahara and Isshin had hid chains in their attack and now release the trap which binds Aizens limbs. Aizen calls this a mockery but is suddenly smacked into the ground with an attack from above. The attacker turns out to be Yoroichi; it seems she has finally decided to appear. Yoroichi is wearing armor-like equipment on her arms and legs. It is revealed that the equipment is anti-hierro weapon designed by Urahara. Yoroichi does not stop after one attack and punches the prone Aizen again, which had enough power to blow up the surrounding. Yoroichi relaxes but Urahara warns her to get out of the way. Suddenly a huge attack emerges from below and Yoroichi attempts to dodge. She is quick enough to escape without injury, but the equipment attached to her right leg got destroyed. Aizen emerges from the smoke created by his attack saying he will crush them into tiny remnants one by one. Aizen's chest is cracked deeply from Yoroichi's attack but he is unphased.

As the Hougyoku start to healing Aizen's injury, Aizen tells our heroes of Karakura town that their combined effort towards defeating him symbolizes their hope and spirit. Aizen intends to smash their spirit by proving nothing they do will work and then proceed to kill them. When he finishes talking, Aizen shunpos to Yoroichi and deals a damaging attack which blows up the area around them. As they resume their fighting, Ichigo watches on. Gin catches Ichigo's attention by suggesting they both sit down and enjoy the fight from the sidelines. Gin admits he didn't know of Aizen's plan to merge with the Hougyoku and that he did it while Gin wasn't looking. Nevertheless, now that Aizen has merged, Gin claims that Urahara and them are all going to die. Ichigo responds by questioning how Gin can be sure of his own safety from Aizen. Gin says he didn't expect a response like this because it makes like sound like Ichigo has already accepted defeat. Gin rebukes Ichigo for being weak and suddenly begins to attack him. Ichigo dodges the first attack but Gin immediately follows with an even stronger attack. In order to block it Ichigo is forced to finally don his Hollow mask. Gin's attack slices through the town, destroying all the buildings on the way. The commotion wakes up Kira and he notices that Matsumoto is gone. She is seen from afar running towards the battle to where Gin is.

Kira tries to chase after her but he collapses from fatigue. Apparently Kira managed to close up Matsumoto's severe wound above her hip to keep her from dying but Matsumoto is still in critical condition. The scene switches back to Ichigo and Gin and it appears Ichigo has already been defeated. Gin derides him for having such a brittle mask and no Hollowfication power. Gin tells Ichigo to run. Meanwhile,  the smoke clears from Aizen's attack and it is revealed Yoroichi managed to escape without injury once again but at the cost of the equipment on her right arm being destroyed. Urahara and Yoroichi banter some more and Aizen says this is all a ploy to distract him. He recognizes Urahara's intellect as the only one in Soul Society that is higher than his own. But despite this, it doesn't matter anymore because Aizen holds power many times greater than them meaning he cannot be defeated. Urahara responds by sending a Hadou flying at Aizen's face. This is meant as a distraction so Yoroichi can get in close and land another hit. However, Aizen saw through this immediately and effortlessly blocks Yoroichi's attack. Yoroichi sends another punch powered with Senkou and the attack smashes through Aizen's defense and proceeds to crack his outer shell again. Yoroichi tries to followup with another attack but Aizen blocks her while reiterating how they cannot defeat him. Urahara comes from behind and ensnares Aizen with his zanpakutou Behime's ability. Aizen states he cannot be binder with such a skill and Urahara stabs his zanpakutou into the web his ability created. This lights a fuse which engulfs Aizen in a enormous fiery explosion. Aizen emerges barely wounded and he calls their efforts comical. Before he can finish speaking, Isshin appears behind him and deals a point blank Getsuga Tenshou reminiscent of Ichigo's attack on Aizen a while ago.

1. Why is Ichigo so weak? I don't even know how to explain this anymore.

2. Isshin was able to do Getsuga Tenshou, which means his zanpakutou is Tensa Zangetsu? I don't know how two people can have the same zanpakutou because in the Bleach movie Diamond Dust Rebellion, Hitsugaya's friend was persecuted for also having Hyourinmaru. I guess this can be explained by saying either the movie is non canon (independent of manga) or by the fact Isshin isn't part of Soul Society so he isn't under their jurisdiction. I guess another explanation would be that Ichigo got his zanpakutou way after Isshin did so in Soul Society's eyes there was no overlap. Either way, I wasn't happy with this revelation at first because Tensa Zangetsu is a pretty boring zanpakutou. But then I realized maybe Ichigo just sucks and Isshin can show us how it is really used. Also, Isshin actually has control over Zangetsu as he is shown to be able to keep it in it's sealed form.  Not only that, he managed to release a Getsuga Tenshou without releasing his zanpakutou.

3. Finally, I really enjoy the Karakura heroes' attack combos because they are actually smart and well thought out. I haven't seen strategy in a long time probably because Ichigo doesn't have a concept of what it is. All we see is strong people pwning weak people until the weak people get a power up and become the strong person thus proceeding to pwn the strong person that is now deemed as weak. Here, Urahara and them are clearly the underdogs, yet they are using strategy to fight on par with Aizen.

*this whole post was typed with an iPad =p

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Naruto 492-495 Jinchuuriki Bros Dattebayo!

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The island that Naruto and company (Yamato, Gai, and another Jounin) arrived at is protected by a barrier that will alert them if enemies approach. Furthermore, the physical characteristics of the island is repelling as it is composed of humongous spikes. Finally, the inhabitants of the island are enormous beasts like the squid, gorillas, or pandas. Needless to say, Kirabi has tamed them all or became their friends - fist pump the gorilla. The dimwitted Naruto didn't realize that Kirabi was the Hachibi until Motoi told him so - I mean what else could be an oxtopus (ox + octopus =p). After learning of this, Naruto immediately goes to Kirabi to learn about how to control his inner Bijuu. However, Kirabi is only interested in rap rhymes and fist pumps, and he ended up shrugging Naruto off after Naruto tried to tempt him with Harem no Jutsu. Naruto goes to Motoi for help and Motoi brings him to the Waterfall of Truth. When Naruto meditates in the Waterfall of Truth, his true inner self appears before him. It turns out his inner self is liked by the Kyubi because he embodies all the hidden hatred within Naruto's heart. Dark Naruto attacks Naruto but they are evenly matched in skill and technique. Due to a stalemate, Naruto exits his inner world and converses with Yamato and Motoi about what happened. Motoi says Naruto will not be able to control the Kyubi if he doesn't defeat his inner self. Naruto asks him to tell about how Kirabi managed to conquer his inner self because that might give him some hints on how to defeat Dark Naruto. Motoi explains that Kirabi was treated the same way as Naruto was treated for being a Jinchuuriki, but it never got him depressed or anything because he was trying to be a good host for his brother, the current Raikage. Motoi states that Kirabi is pretty much a village hero and he holds tremendous respect towards Kirabi. Because of this, Yamato and Naruto ask Motoi to appeal to Kirabi in their place to help with the training, but Motoi reveals that he can't do that because he had previously tried to assassinate Kirabi.

Motoi flashback to a time when the Hachibi did not have a compatible host, causing the village to constantly try to keep it under their control. Due to the previous Raikage's and Kirabi's brother's power they were able to do so, but always at the cost of many casualties. The wild Hachibi killed many villagers in its rampages and one of them was Motoi's father. Thus, Motoi developed a grudge towards the Hachibi. The Jinchuuriki at the time who lost control and killed Motoi's father died when the Kumogakure extracted the Bijuu from him. As a result, Motoi now had nowhere to displace his anger. However, when his close friend Kirabi willingly accepted the role as the next Jinchuuriki, Motoi attempted to kill him because he thought Kirabi would not be able to control the Hachibi as well. Not only did Motoi fail the assassination, but Kirabi also proved him wrong by besting the Hachibi. Thus, Motoi became too ashamed to speak to Kirabi again. Yamato asks why did he tell them all this and Motoi admitted he was trying to apologize by telling this to another Jinchuuriki because he couldn't say it to Kirabi's face. Naruto got upset that he was being used so he left to go ponder on a spike overlooking the sea. He thinks back to his own difficult childhood and also Gaara's and empathizes with what Kirabi went through. It turns out Yamato and Motoi ran after Naruto but got delayed because they were attacked by the giant squid. The squid appears before Naruto with Motoi in its grasp and Naruto immediately confuses it with the Hachibi again. Yamato set him straight and they both begin to attack the squid. However, Kirabi appears in Hachibi form and knocks the squid unconscious in one punch. Motoi asks him why did he save him and Kirabi turns a blind eye to their past and offers him a fist pump.

Now that their one-sided conflict has been resolved, Kirabi accepts Naruto because he tried to save his friend. Naruto reciprocates with many lines of rap yo dattebayo. Kirabi fist pumps him and tells Naruto he is ready for the Waterfall of Truth again. Thus, Naruto enters his inner world and confronts Dark Naruto again. Dark Naruto tells Naruto he has suffered because of the villagers yet now Naruto is accepting their change of heart due to Naruto saving the village. However, Naruto says he must have faith in himself because other people believe in him, and also Kirabi never let any of this affect him. This starts to weaken the Dark Naruto and makes him attack Naruto, while asking what's the reason of his existence. Naruto says they are actually one and thanks him for everything. Naruto intercepts Dark Naruto's attack with a hug and tells him it's going to be alright. Letting go of his own anger at their past, Dark Naruto's eyes lighten and disappears into Naruto. Naruto emerge from the inner world with a smile and Kirabi tells him they are ready for the next step. They both walk through the waterfall - with Yamato following - and steps into a humongous room where Naruto will fight the Kyubi.

On another note, eff OneManga. It's being slow with releases and suspended a bunch of other mangas I am following.

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